We are a New York design firm, our clients are in the US, Europe, China, India, the Middle East.

Our designs communicate clearly, convey messages and leave memorable  impressions. They include: environmental graphics, wayfinding sign programs, products, exhibit and retail spaces, graphic identity, web and electronic media, promotional brochures, magazines and books.

Our clients – big or small – value power of design and appreciate the “design thinking” we bring to the process. We carefully listen to their objectives, analyze their needs and goals, we take the time to plan sensible strategies. Only then we begin to create simple and elegant solutions that achieve results.

Every client’s needs are unique: from creating a website and a graphic identity system for a startup to conceiving an efficient wayfinding program for a 50,000 sq m campus. We put together teams of specialists depending on the projects' specific needs and skills they require. This guarantees the solutions we provide are well conceived, efficiently executed and serve their targeted audience.

Selected Clients