Xposed Studios

A stop motion animation studio with special emphasis on claymation.


A not-for-profit organization in charge of revitalizing the hamlet of Parksville — once a thriving community in New York's Catskill mountains.

Sasha Primak Jewelry

A full-service jewelry designer and manufacturer

The Institute of Culinary Education

A cooking school, inspiring students to reach their full potential through an education that emphasizes technique and professionalism. We used the egg as a quintessential symbol of both: nourishment and creation.

High Falls Collection

Purveyors of high-end European fabrics and home furnishings. The acronym HF is represented as waft & warp of the textile weave


Brand extension: we were commissioned to translate the original Benetton slogans from English into Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Cyrillic and Arabic. In addition, we had to design the cyrillic version of the font, to compliment the original logotype that is set in Gill Sans

US Fund for UNICEF

A brand audit showed a need to clarify the organization's positioning. Our team had come up with a tagline “Saving children’s lives – Building children’s futures” The slogan had become a part of the new brand lockup wrapping around the logotype and the ubiquitous symbol of mother and child, giving it a look much like a presidential seal

Movie Library Company

A startup company specialising in restoration and conversion of classic films and historic film footage into digital format

Two Dresses + Tripod

A film produciton studio owned and managed by two women