Viva Audio is a boutique audio equipment manufacturer in Veneto, Italy. Their equipment uses cutting edge technology, decades of audio expertise, superior quality materials and centuries long traditional Italian craftsmanship. The results are the most incredible sound systems available anywhere.

VIVA logo. Designed by Red Square Design

Their distinctive collection includes: amplifiers, preamplifiers, speaker systems, DACs, and multi-channel home theater systems. In their latest Digital to Analog Converter preamp an LED display replaced old-fashion tumblers and knob switches. The LED window displays various functions: on/off, warm-up state, volume, number and types of inputs, etc.

Viva engineers asked us to design an interface that’s easy to understand and simple to navigate. Most importantly, the interface had to convey the quality and look unique to the Viva’s state of the arts collection and be inline with the overall brand.

Bootup animation

All Viva equipment packs a lot of power and needs time to warm up. We took the opportunity to introduce their brandmark with a playful animation during the boot up cycle.

VIVA logo. Designed by Red Square Design

We upgraded Viva’s original logo. The new brandmark acknowledges Viva’s rich heritage while making its unique presence strong, more legible and versatile.

original VIVA logo

Original logo

Volume indicator

Dots around the perimeter compliment the brandmark, effectively expanding brand vocabulary. The number of dots increases clockwise for louder sound and decreases counterclockwise when the volume is adjusted lower, a numeric indicator displays decibel value of the sound

Input channels

A horizontal line of five dots suggests the number of available input channels. Each channel is represented by a generic number. Alternatively, channels can be programmed with a designated name via the remote control. In addition, each channel is color coded for easy recognition.


Once the sound is muted the display provides a visual cue, with a message and the lights are dimmed. When the “mute” mode is canceled the display will change to its original state

The brandmark animation is inspired by victory-day fireworks in the process constructing the carefully crafted wordmark, illustrating the celebratory meaning of the word VIVA