Aga Ousseinov, Sculptor 

Website and catalogue design

"Aga Ousseinov’s artworks exist as metaphors for travel, or rather escape, from the idealism of utopian progress that he was surrounded by during a childhood spent in the Soviet Union. At this time government restrictions on travel abroad prompted children to imagine the rest of the world as a fanciful and fantastic place, and maps, as well as postal stamps and travel posters, became tools through which the world could be explored. His sculpture, blueprints and collages also appear as artifacts of past inventions, suggesting something imagined but not yet realized, thus embodying a childish optimism of possibilities, and affirming art as a space for imagining the impossible." – from the artist's professional Bio.

During preparation for a solo exhibition in New York, Mr. Ousseinov commissioned us to design and produce, both, a website and the exhibition catalogue. We successfully realized his request to express a unified aesthetic of his work across different media